Good Morning Ostia Antica

DSC_3571Summer mornings in the ruins of the ancient port of Ostia are worth the heat. School holidays gave us the perfect opportunity to take a car load of our university and high school kids out to this vast and beautiful site under the umbrella pines. With the sea just visible on the horizon, we spent a fun and photo filled morning imagining life in a toga in what was a bustling city of commerce early in the 1st century. No matter how many times we visit this evocative place and climb to the top of the amphitheater, we always find something new to delight us. Today it was the murals from the year 150 in the old thermal baths. Truly hard to believe how many eyes have looked and smiled at these simple, lovely paintings. And the joy of running after lizards in the long grass and playing statues on the empty pillars always makes the day so much more fun!

Now for the usual squabble over lunch; Clarissa’s favourite trattoria in the medieval village “with the nice Granny,” Vanessa’s  “plastic chair terrace” at the beach with the amazing fried anchovies or the parents’ choice — a civilized meal at the elegant marina on the river……. I won’t say who won, but rest assured we ate well!!