Nightlife on the River

_DSC4648Summer nights in Rome come blazing to life on the Isola Tiberina.  The winter quiet of the little island, where plague victims were kept centuries ago, disappears in an explosion of lights and music with the annual summer festival.  Tonight we had the great fun of introducing a dear friend to this fabulous display of Rome’s never ending ability to move with the times.  Pop up restaurants, outdoor cinemas, cool elegant modern bars with enormous inviting white sofas spring up under the bridges and along the banks of the rushing waters of the Tevere, filling the summer nights with noise and laughter and glamour.  The “bancarelle” (individual stalls selling everything from jewellery to scarves to sea shells to vintage road signs) draw passing trade from the happily strolling crowds of people, too hot to stay inside, too much fun to go home!  Despite an early flight the next morning and our sworn promises to get our friend back to her hotel at a decent hour, we gave in to temptation and cruised the island on foot til the early hours, eating drinking and shopping the night away!