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Will and Cynthia met over a cup of coffee in a friend’s kitchen. Their mutual love of kids, travel, history, photography and great coffee eventually led to their decision to make Italy their home. Although their hobbies don’t always seem to go hand in hand (Cynthia loves wine and Will prefers cars), their enthusiasm for people, places and each other makes them a perfect match.

Cynthia is American by birth, Italian in spirit. She was born in Ohio, educated in Connecticut and has travelled, worked and lived all around the world. She speaks Italian, French and Spanish, and sometimes English (although Will would say she speaks American). She is a professionally trained sommelier with the Fondazione Sommelier Italiana and a Professor of Italian Wine and Culture.  Her knowledge of food and wine, as well as her enjoyment of art, history and architecture make Italy her obvious natural environment and her passion.

Will is English and grew up on the Lake District land that has been in his family for 500 years. His passion for driving, on road and off, made the attractions of Italy’s obsession with motoring irresistible. He delights in sharing his life long love for Land Rover with motoring enthusiasts he meets along his travels.  Time spent in Italy has seen him pass many happy hours in the Ferrari museum, the Lamborghini factory and at various race courses around the country.  His personal skill as a driver is in daily evidence as he navigates the treacherous  streets and garages of Rome with unequalled skill and unshakeable calm.  Will is a professionally trained and experienced photographer with a discerning eye for detail in portraits, landscapes and casual montage.  He has been conducting a love affair with Italy through his camera lens for several years.

EIE was born as the result of Will and Cynthia’s desire to share their love for the country, food, culture and people of Italy with their non-Italian friends and family. After years of carefully planning holidays for various friends and colleagues, just for the sheer thrill of introducing them to Italy’s pleasures, Will and Cynthia realised they could take their knowledge and enthusiasm to a wider audience. They are completely committed to ensuring their clients see the Italy they have come to know so well. They focus on tailoring the holidays they design to each individual client, making sure each visitor has the full benefit of their personal experience and knowledge.

The goal of EIE is to provide each and every client with a unique visit to Italy, exploring in depth the particular attractions of the country that appeal most to them. And, should a client ever run out of ideas, Will and Cynthia are always on hand with a wealth of suggestions, showing their guests the often unseen sights of the Italy they love.